Kevin Wang



Able2Shine.com – Summer 2017 – Full Stack Internship

I developed activity enrollment lists associated with individual accounts for both students and teachers using Java and SQL. Implemented new features where teachers can make comments and give evaluations to students based on their individual performance in class. Parents of students can view the teacher comments/evaluations as well as give teachers feedback. This system is designed to improve student teacher communication as well as keep parents into the loop regarding their children’s status in class. I additionally modified the activity pages to display extra information once a student is enrolled in the course. The extra information included class assignments and an attachments folder related to the class.

I also reworked the UI for both desktop and mobile versions to create a more user friendly and vivid design using Javascript, HTML, CSS and bootstrap. For the desktop version, I changed the website to dynamically alter the number of rows and columns based on the window size. For the mobile version, I enlarged the pictures for each individual course and changed each event to a tile format to make it more mobile friendly.

Solar System Simulator – Spring 2017

Simulated the physics of the first four planets in the solar system orbiting around the sun. Using the calculations, I replotted the planets each time step of a millisecond in order to show the planets revolving in the system.

Ants Vs. Some Bees – Fall 2016

In this project I developed a game engine that rendered bees and different classes of ants through an object oriented approach and class inheritance to simulate the Plants Vs. Zombies game using a Python backend. Each ant in the game was programmed with unique functionalities and different stats including health, damage, and range. When starting the program in terminal, the difficulty can be selected as well as the dimensions of the playing field.

Hog – Fall 2016

Programmed a dice game based with Python that implemented various rules in the game such as rolling a prime, multiple of 7, or having reverse points as the other player. Additionally developed an AI that calculates the optimal roll based on the number of points the opponent has.